MODEX Exhibitions Digital Marketing 1/2…BLOG_016

Content Calendars, Email Marketing and a lot of editing… versatility is the key!

Over the past few months I’ve been working as a Digital Marketing executive & content producer for an exhibition company called MODEX exhibitions and I’ve learnt a lot over my time here.

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ESSA Recruitment Film…BLOG_015

The biggest project I’ve worked on yet… this could be interesting.

This year I’ve had opportunity after opportunity to progress and develop my skills in filmmaking. It was a core goal of mine at the start of the year and it was great to be involved in so many things, but I feel that as I’ve worked for different clients with different briefs, I’ve developed and learnt so much more than just skills in filmmaking.

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Lightweight Tiles…BLOG_014

Plastic roof tiles, a few hours to film, and a 60fps camera – it’s time to be creative!

For the past year I’ve worked on many different projects for many different clients, and each one has made me face a variety of creative challenges. Earlier this year I approached a company called Lightweight Tiles to produce a promotional film for the company in order to coincide with the release of their new website and social-media channels. This gave me a chance to utilise both my skillsets in filmmaking and digital marketing and create a content package that would compliment each other greatly.

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Producing video for a social-media world…BLOG_013

With video playing such a big part across social-media, do all the same traditional rules and guidelines apply?

Over the last few months I’ve worked on a variety of different projects, with different clients and different audiences, and tackling each brief has been a unique experience.

Engaging video on social-media either for personal entertainment or promotional/informational content for businesses, has grown massively over the last few years and is now a key element of all social-media use. But with so much content out there filling people’s social feeds it can be difficult to stand out and make an impact.

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2017 Showreel…BLOG_012


I’ve never really made a proper showreel before; maybe because I’ve never had enough content, or maybe because I’ve never had something I can feel properly proud of. At the start of this year though, I decided I wanted to create and be a part of many different projects, and produce content that I can be proud of. This showreel showcases just that.

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Brunel Rowing 2016/17…BLOG_011

One Guy, a Camera, and the Thames – How hard can this be?

In an effort to boost creativity, challenge myself and add to my ever-growing portfolio – all whilst helping out my former sports club – I set myself the task of creating a promotional-style video for Brunel University’s Rowing Club.

Set on a course that inevitably threw up a vast array of different obstacles, I persevered and managed to create something that, to-date, I feel is one of the best films I’ve made; especially in terms of cinematography and self-produced content. Continue reading “Brunel Rowing 2016/17…BLOG_011”

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