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Brunel Rowing 2016/17…BLOG_011

One Guy, a Camera, and the Thames – How hard can this be?

In an effort to boost creativity, challenge myself and add to my ever-growing portfolio – all whilst helping out my former sports club – I set myself the task of creating a promotional-style video for Brunel University’s Rowing Club.

Set on a course that inevitably threw up a vast array of different obstacles, I persevered and managed to create something that, to-date, I feel is one of the best films I’ve made; especially in terms of cinematography and self-produced content. Continue reading “Brunel Rowing 2016/17…BLOG_011”

Filming on the Thames…BLOG_010

I haven’t been on many self-shooting gigs in my time but this one was one of the biggest opportunities I’ve landed to date and was very exciting in terms of both the project itself and the independence it gave me. Plus, filming at the heart of London on a boat cruising through the Thames whilst passing world famous landmarks was a great bonus that added to the whole experience.

Continue reading “Filming on the Thames…BLOG_010”

Post-Production Project…BLOG_009

Helping out some friends, I delved into the wonders of keying and motion graphics/titles post-production editing.

Continue reading “Post-Production Project…BLOG_009”

Drones: An aerial menace?…BLOG_008

I guess when you really think about it, something that can fly through the air with lethal precision, hard-edged cutting blades spinning crazily at all four corners and all whilst simultaneously being controlled by a remote miles away, potentially could seem quite dangerous and therefore also quite risky.

Continue reading “Drones: An aerial menace?…BLOG_008”

Winter 2016… BLOG_007

Up, up and away!

Only three months of having my drone and I already feel very confident with it. With previous pieces of technology, I always find myself infatuated with them at the start and then somehow dust slowly descends onto them  when I find little use for them at the time. Continue reading “Winter 2016… BLOG_007”

Working on my first Self-Shoot Gig…BLOG_006

I’ve made a lot of different videos over the years and using a lot of different techniques and many different cameras too, but I’ve never really made a proper film for a business before. This was an exciting opportunity for me and I knew I wanted to get it right and make the end product very professional too, especially seeing as I only had one opportunity to film.

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My Drone’s first flight… BLOG_005

After twenty one there aren’t that many special birthdays for a while, so I guess this is why my parents decided to get me something special. I’ve always been interested in drones ever since DJI came on the scene, and DP Philip Bloom created the amazing ‘Koh Yao Noi’ Drone Short ( That’s why when my Mum told me that they had got me a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced I was over the moon, and obviously very eager to go out and fly the thing and try my best to capture footage that many others had been creating for years.

Continue reading “My Drone’s first flight… BLOG_005”

Time to buy a new lens… BLOG_004

For the past two years I have acquired quite a collection of different equipment for filmmaking, but have always struggled to expand my lens collection. It’s not about priorities, as for me I find a new lens, a new look, can bring a lot more to my shots than a lot of other things. It’s simply about money. My first lens (excluding the kit lens to my Sony A57) was a secondhand Minolta 50mm f1.8. After using this for about a year, and getting used to the sharper more professional-looking shot you could achieve with the use of a prime lens I started to push away the use of my kit lens as much as I could. But, as March came upon us, so did my birthday, and I thought it was time to treat myself. Other than close-up, deep focus shots the only other aesthetic I thought was essential for me was an ultra-wide angle shot.

Continue reading “Time to buy a new lens… BLOG_004”

Screenplay Development… BLOG_003

A few months ago, while I was working full time and waiting so eagerly for my holiday in Greece I came across a competition online. It was held by DJI (the people who make the amazing quadcopters) and the premise basically was to create a short film script, of any genre and any storyline. Continue reading “Screenplay Development… BLOG_003”

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