beMatrix at the ENEA Awards 2017…BLOG_019

Champagne, Networking and Awards

I’ve been working on a lot of different events lately within the event industry, and this one was for the headline sponsor at the ENEA Awards, beMatrix. Another long day, and a few batteries gone through, this was another shoot where I was asked to capture beMatrix’s technology and presence at the event, as well as the actual event itself too.

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ESSA’s Annual Conference and Snow Ball 2017…BLOG_018

End of the year so it’s time to reflect and party… I’ll just hold the camera!

I’ve worked with ESSA on a couple of projects before – one being an event and one being their industry recruitment campaign – so, it was great to work with them again on another couple of events. It was one of the biggest days of the year as it held their annual conference and Snow Ball (industry Christmas party), and they wanted all the networking and festivities to be captured.

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ESSA Recruitment Film…BLOG_015

The biggest project I’ve worked on yet… this could be interesting.

This year I’ve had opportunity after opportunity to progress and develop my skills in filmmaking. It was a core goal of mine at the start of the year and it was great to be involved in so many things, but I feel that as I’ve worked for different clients with different briefs, I’ve developed and learnt so much more than just skills in filmmaking.

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Lightweight Tiles…BLOG_014

Plastic roof tiles, a few hours to film, and a 60fps camera – it’s time to be creative!

For the past year I’ve worked on many different projects for many different clients, and each one has made me face a variety of creative challenges. Earlier this year I approached a company called Lightweight Tiles to produce a promotional film for the company in order to coincide with the release of their new website and social-media channels. This gave me a chance to utilise both my skillsets in filmmaking and digital marketing and create a content package that would compliment each other greatly.

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Producing video for a social-media world…BLOG_013

With video playing such a big part across social-media, do all the same traditional rules and guidelines apply?

Over the last few months I’ve worked on a variety of different projects, with different clients and different audiences, and tackling each brief has been a unique experience.

Engaging video on social-media either for personal entertainment or promotional/informational content for businesses, has grown massively over the last few years and is now a key element of all social-media use. But with so much content out there filling people’s social feeds it can be difficult to stand out and make an impact.

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2017 Showreel…BLOG_012


I’ve never really made a proper showreel before; maybe because I’ve never had enough content, or maybe because I’ve never had something I can feel properly proud of. At the start of this year though, I decided I wanted to create and be a part of many different projects, and produce content that I can be proud of. This showreel showcases just that.

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Brunel Rowing 2016/17…BLOG_011

One Guy, a Camera, and the Thames – How hard can this be?

In an effort to boost creativity, challenge myself and add to my ever-growing portfolio – all whilst helping out my former sports club – I set myself the task of creating a promotional-style video for Brunel University’s Rowing Club.

Set on a course that inevitably threw up a vast array of different obstacles, I persevered and managed to create something that, to-date, I feel is one of the best films I’ve made; especially in terms of cinematography and self-produced content. Continue reading “Brunel Rowing 2016/17…BLOG_011”

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